• Keep it simple and focus on implementing the basics of Management & Leadership Styles rather than on drowning in endless new variations on old theories, recommends Leadership & Performance Coach, Davina Greene. "I'm red!", "I'm yellow!" shout the past DISC-users enthusiastically as I enter their premises. "I'm ESTJ!", "I'm INFP!" [...]

  • In the fast-paced arena of modern leadership, where change is the only constant, what is leadership and how can we build our skills, considers Leadership & Performance Coach,  Davina Greene. In organizations - where success hinges on the ability to inspire, influence, and innovate - the concept of Leadership looms [...]

  • It’s possibly not “The System” that’s beating you,  if making your mark is a struggle, suggests Leadership & Performance Coach, Davina Greene. Have you ever been the person who arrives frustratedly into December proclaiming “Oh wow, another year gone. I didn’t do anything I said I’d do”?  Are you […]

  • Everyone has to dip their toe in the marketing pool at some point, reminds Davina Greene. “Why should I?”, “That will never work!” and “That’s not what I’d do” – the dreaded retorts of the unconvinced audience. And that’s before the nervous change-haters chip in. But hey, we’re all […]

  • If you want to lead, you must engage in storytelling, painting a verbal picture to help people see what you already know, advises Leadership & Performance Coach, Davina Greene. “Now, boys and girls, we’re going to spend some time writing a story. Can you remember what a good story […]

  • Do you always own, and take pride in, your own actions and avoid herd instinct, asks Davina Greene. Sometimes we do things that hurt our own development and diminish our sense of authenticity, and often we’re entirely oblivious to it. On the other hand, at times we’re actually quite […]

  • How much inspiration do you need? Are you in a state of ‘inspiration addiction’? Make sure you’re moving forward, and not trapped in someone else’s self-marketing, reminds Davina Greene. How’s it going there, with all those bookshelves full of inspiring stories of success and survivorship beside you? That new […]

  • Where good leadership is happening, support it vigorously via active followership to ensure it lasts, suggests Davina Greene. Think of the last time you went to the theatre and saw a truly wonderful performance. When the standing ovation happened at the end, did you a) start it, b) actively […]

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