Very enlightening training sessions, I really enjoyed them.
Managing Director, Print & Design

Very good…Davina really helps make it interesting, you can see she knows what she’s talking about and with an interesting case study I felt very engaged and that it was easy to listen to. Had a great dialogue going with the class, which made learning enjoyable, and a nice learning curve that held my attention.
Company Owner, Design Industry

Hugely empowering…I really learned so much
Business owner, Print Industry

Bubbly, an excellent lecturer…Really got the whole class involved in this session – a great combined training and discussion exercise.
Lecturer, Third Level

Many thanks to Davina for a great day, she is an excellent trainer (I’ve attended a lot of courses over my career)…and I’m already putting what I have learned into practice
Sales Manager, FMCG

I really enjoyed my training & coaching with Davina. Her lively approach was based on a little theory and a lot of real-life discussion. It was clear that her own background in business management was an advantage, giving us even more stories to discuss and debate! By the end, I was more self-aware and understood why that awareness, alongside engaging properly with my team, would be the key to my future success. The training time seemed to go by quickly, as it was enjoyable, relevant, and never boring. The coaching aspect was fascinating to me – I have never been offered such individualised attention before, and it definitely made a difference in my application of what I’d learned to my actual working day. I would definitely recommend her.
Manager, Financial Services Industry

I highly recommend Davina as a coach. She has a fresh style and great skills that not only help you move you forward but do that with fun, energy, support and true care. I found her coaching really effective, positive and grounded in her trust in my ability to progress in my own development. I recommend Davina to anybody looking for a great coaching experience.
Graphic Designer, Financial Services Industry

Working with Davina has helped me realize that the questions are, in fact, more important than the answers. Intuitive and insightful, Davina worked with me to discover sustainable strategies in overcoming self-limiting behaviors that had become a norm in both my business and personal life. Because of our time together, my journey has been refocused on exploring what I want, rather than what I think I can have. Until meeting Davina, there was no difference in those two goals. She was the catalyst that helped me transform lots of areas of my life. Her mentoring, and the focus techniques she taught me, encouraged me to follow my dream as to where and how I live.
Sales Manager, Telecoms

Davina is an exceptional coach. She really helped me to find creative solutions by creating a very deep awareness of my true self. Her incredible ability to discover amazing and often abstract insights while Coaching add such tremendous value. This is not a job to Davina, this is her authentic self expressing itself through helping others.
Regional Manager, Retail Industry

Such cut-through thinking and sureness of direction are inspiring
Product Director, Pharmaceutical Industry

Bright, sensitive, intelligent, sparky Coaching. Highly recommended.
Conflict Advisor, Government agency

Such skilled presence combined with such a sense of fun. And, due to this, such progress for me.
Director, Pharmaceutical industry

Simply put: Ever-present…which defines wonderfully, in just that one concept, the very difference between talking to a good coach and talking to anyone else.
Manager, Pharmaceutical industry

Huge positive energy, always looking and moving forward…not afraid to challenge beliefs. Very supportive, affirming, encouraging and positive, despite difficult – even painful – content.
Planning Manager, Government agency