“Coaching is an excellent tool to challenge the status quo and harness the ability to think outside the box and achieve what you really want to achieve. It helps develop new skills, but more so empowers you to develop your strength areas to start from a solid core. Group coaching is one of the most insightful experiences, when we were brought in together to really understand the different points of view of colleagues. We learned new methods to ensure we can harness a highly focused and unified team.”
(Operations Manager, Tech Industry)

“The coaching exceeded my expectations. The sessions helped me stop and reflect on behaviours and actions that I would not normally notice or think about. It helped me understand better the areas of improvement, as well as my strengths and how to capitalise on them. I gave me more direction in the way I manage, help me set my values, and think about the goals and strategy for my team.”

(Operations Manager, Social Media Industry)

“This coaching has been incredibly beneficial for me. I feel it has provided a unique opportunity for my personal growth and skill development, allowing me to enhance my leadership abilities. I appreciate the consistent feedback and guidance, and the opportunity to reflect to myself, my emotions/reactions to different situations when talking about them in detail.  I have been able to get reassurance of my strengths and areas for improvement. The coaching period has also helped me foster a positive and collaborative work environment by equipping me with a few communication and conflict resolution strategies that I had not used before. Overall, the coaching has contributed to my development and Davina personally has been excellent at synthesizing my thoughts/reactions/interpretations and making sense of them together.”
(Country Manager, BPO Industry)

“Coaching with Davina was one of the best things that happened to me as a growing leader. It helps to better understand my behaviours when working with teams and leaders reporting to me. I also got a lot of good insights into how different approaches can not only get the best from them but also give me personal satisfaction and success. Davina was always very attentive and guided me when required. Overall, I believe this coaching should be continued for all of the future leaders in the organisation, as it will really positively impact people’s growth”.
(Operations Manager, Social Media industry)

“Coaching helped me to realise my potential, gave me a safe place to sound and work through my thoughts and feelings on certain situations and I learned how to be more objective. In the beginning, my responses to stressful situations were not ideal – I knew that but I didn’t know how to fix it. Coaching session helped me look at the challenging situations and assess my approach – in certain situations, I felt validated on my response and in others, I identified where I could have responded better. It has helped me mature as a leader and I am far more confident in my abilities than I was when I started out on this journey.”
(Support Manager, BPO Industry)