Rocket Fuel Learning International: where leadership isn’t just thought of as a job title or role level. It’s a calling, a mission, a way of life. Here, it’s all about identifying, nurturing, and unleashing the full potential of leaders, both in the boardroom and beyond.

At the helm of this noble endeavor is none other than Leadership & Performance Coach, Davina Greene—a force of nature in helping achieve personal growth, and a true champion of the leadership cause. With a passion as fiery as a rocket’s exhaust, Davina is on a mission to flood the world with a new breed of leaders who are self-aware, purpose-driven, and laser-focused on finding solutions to the challenges that lie ahead.

In a world where leadership is often seen as a rarefied ‘reward’ reserved for the chosen few, Davina believes that it isn’t just about occupying a corner office or wielding power—it’s about making a difference, inspiring others to reach their full potential, and perhaps leaving a legacy in that respect. It’s about acquiring willing and enthusiastic followers in any setting, workplace or otherwise.

The Key Components of Leadership

Working with Davina to develop your leadership skills means covering most or all of the following topics, depending on your environment.

For those keen on propelling themselves forward, be it in the boardroom or on the battleground of life itself, whatever the setting, a grasp of Emotional Intelligence is needed. Therefore, understanding the impact and management of key, relevant traits and behaviors is vital throughout the course of our personal and Management development.

But let’s not forget that which powers the machines of personal and organizational excellence: Strategy. Strategy keeps the wheels turning and the engines roaring, propelling us towards our goals with precision and purpose.

Finally, enter the concept of the Coaching Culture—quite the exercise to put in place, but the structure that organically feeds Learning, Talent Development, and Succession Management for the future through strong, accountability-inducing coaching conversations between ‘adults’. This can truly take your organization from good to great.

Rocket Fuel Learning can help with all of these things, via in-person Personal Strategy Coaching or organizational Leadership Coaching, or even online solutions. So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation, look no further than Rocket Fuel Learning International. With Davina as your guide, you’ll soar to new heights, break through barriers, and unlock the true leader within.

Personal Success: Empower Yourself through Self-Knowledge and Purpose

  • Start a lifelong conversation with yourself about wants, needs and progress.
  • Build Resilience through Self-Knowledge, identifying strengths and accelerators.
  • Develop your Personal Brand and stand out from the crowd.
  • Become a convincing, strategic Leader in life, to yourself and others.
  • Play an active role in building your own rich story.

Organizational Success: Coaching for Management and Leadership Development

  • Build robust Managers and Leaders, with strong perspective.
  • Enhance Talent Management, Succession, and Engagement approaches.
  • Kick-start a Coaching Culture.
  • Improve communication, relationships and wellbeing.
  • Educate peoples’ thinking towards strategic alignment and achievement, both personally and organizationally.

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