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What Is Talent? Am I Talent?


Talent is one of those words that's all too easy to throw about, so let's stop doing that, suggests Leadership & Performance Coach, Davina Greene. What is Talent Management? Talent Management is a war-zone, if [...]

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8 Top Tips for Solving Busy-ness


Be mindful of whether “busy-ness” (reactive, auto-pilot) has overtaken actual “management” (proactive, purposeful), advises Leadership & Performance Coach, Davina Greene.   According to the Oxford Dictionary - in a definition that really trims things back [...]

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Coaching At Work: Understanding the Benefits


Are we 'giving people fish' through endless instruction, or 'teaching them to fish' through continuous coaching at work, asks Leadership & Performance Coach, Davina Greene. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients [...]

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What is Leadership?


In the fast-paced arena of modern leadership, where change is the only constant, what is leadership and how can we build our skills, considers Leadership & Performance Coach,  Davina Greene. In organizations - where success [...]