Meet Davina Greene, owner and director of Rocket Fuel Learning International Ltd. (“RFLI”).

A professional coach, trainer and consultant since 2011, Davina also continues to work with international teams in the corporate world. She specialises in developing leaders for the achievement of personal and organisational strategy. Currently, she acts as Head of Leadership Coaching for an international BPO company.

She has a Degree and a Masters in business from Dublin City University and is a member of the CIPD, a key professional organisation for those in work related to HR & ‘People’. She is also a qualified Coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

The Start-Up/Change Enthusiast

Davina’s journey spans over two decades, during which she’s been instrumental in building and changing international businesses, particularly in the investment and insurance sectors for companies such as AIG, Allianz, and Legal & General (Thank you, Ireland, for having been a hub of spectacular levels of business activity for the past 20 years!)

As a fast-tracked leader, she has navigated the intricate landscape of business operations (processes, systems, projects) and human operations (acquisition, development, alignment to strategy) to propel organizations toward success. Doing this internationally involved successfully creating high-performance – even award-winning – teams, using scalable, repeatable methods. And quite a few nice long weekends in international cities, which is always a bonus.

As a developing leader, Davina was coached, starting in 2001, which means that when she jumped ship into coaching as a profession, she did it because she knew its workings, and knew it worked. This new career involved working with individuals and teams from all sorts of companies in all sorts of sectors – some already global names, and some trying to initially establish themselves on a foundation of good leadership.

Core Expertise

Her core expertise always lay in the alchemy of turning vague concepts into concrete systems and processes, all while nurturing and developing talent for optimal performance. From ‘Form’ to ‘Perform’; from ‘Day 1’ to established success.

Now, her focus falls primarily on the People element of doing business, helping developing managers understand the vast scope of Management, first, and then the visionary leap to Leadership, and helping senior leaders take stock and plan ahead. And, of course, helping individuals outside of the workplace to get the best from life through high-quality thinking and planning.

The bedrock for success, she finds, is always the creation of increased self-knowledge, acumen and perspective through rigorous individual (or team) coaching. To make support for personal reflection and planning easier to access in a convenient manner, by a wider audience, she opted to combine all of her past corporate skills, technical and human, to create the system.


Davina has no fear of telling it like it is, whether you’re an individual or an organisation. Looking for a status-quo supporting ‘Yes-woman’? Don’t look here! She has simply seen too much to stand idly by and watch errors get repeated.

She insists on maintaining simplicity, with a ruthless intolerance of unnecessary ‘noise’ and complication. Back to basics, Core Principles…whatever you want to call it. Nothing drives her crazier than shiny “new” theories that merely say the same thing as before, but in slightly different words. Except for, perhaps, people trying to skip steps in their development and grab at titles, salaries or status without building the necessary expertise first.


For Davina, coaching isn’t just a profession—it’s a calling. It’s about empowering individuals to chart their own course, or the course of an organisation. With her, there’s no room for complacency or mediocrity. If you want to cherry-pick the easy steps and skip the difficult bits, this isn’t the place for you. Davina is here to shake things up, disrupt your norm, and inspire change—one coaching session at a time.

When she’s not challenging people to dial up their knowledge and talents, she’s at a comedy show, in the theatre, playing with an animal, or travelling. Or trying to paint a bit. Sometimes. She owns canvasses and paints and brushes and things like that, at least.

Her personal mission is to equip people to change their own life or change the world.

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