When was the last time you looked at your Personal Strategy? Do you even have one?

Some of you will be lucky enough to have Coaching paid for by your employer, and to transfer those skills into your personal life. However, Leadership, Management skill and Strategic thinking are not just for the workplace!

Your ability to live or work well (whatever that means to you) can stagnate due to issues or frustrations stemming from any area of your life – nobody compartmentalizes that well!

Whatever your age or role, some indicative questions for the relevance of Coaching to you would be:

  • Do you feel like nothing has changed in your working life in quite some time? Is it time for change, be it small or very significant?
  • Do you have a To Do list or Goal List that is growing in length, with nothing being crossed off it because you never quite get around to addressing it?
  • Do you feel you have skills and abilities that you are not using, but want to?
  • Are you sure about how you are perceived by others? Are your messages getting across?
  • Are your own ‘next steps’ firmly aligned with a personal strategy? Are the necessary other people also on board?
  • Do you understand what your aims are, or are you simply ‘going where you are led’?
  • Do you have ideas that you seem to talk yourself out of, sometimes without even realising you’re doing it? Is this impeding growth?
  • Is there an idea you are thinking about a lot, but which has not yet left your brain to arrive on paper?

Coaching can cover many topics. Take the opportunity to bring out thoughts from the back of your mind, into ‘reality’, for proper consideration and execution. Talk them through with an expert in planning and execution. What you focus on will develop.

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Alternatively, you can sign up to Rocket Fuel Learning International’s unique Personal Strategy system, MyStrategy.me. A ‘living’ Coaching Workbook covering your behaviours, your desires, and your plans, MyStrategy.me can help you do a broad review of yourself and your life and begin to put plans into place. As the months and years go by, watch and measure your own personal growth. The ultimate life kick-start!