Leadership: a much over-used and misunderstood term in modern organisations looking to engage and appease their workforce. How do you understand the word ‘leader’? Did someone say that you are a leader? Do you believe you are a leader? Whether that’s a yes or a no, then why?

Leadership Coaching is a vital step in creating the Self-Awareness, and indeed Self-Knowledge, that is so vital as a foundation for organisational leadership. Nobody wants to be viewed as the “empty suit” drifting around the office, in the wrong role, inspiring nobody and really not understanding themselves, their team, or the general work environment. And everyone seems to forget that Vision is a key part of leadership, the whole idea being that people are supposed to be inspired to follow you and move forward in line with your plans. What’s your current Vision for yourself, your team, your business?

With years of experience in engaging with developing and established managers across businesses of all sizes and industries, Davina loves to nurture these skills as they have a real knock-on impact on the lives of others (we’ve all had the relative or friend who dreaded going back to work after the holidays because they simply couldn’t face their manager, the boredom of their role, or the seeming pointlessness of their job, right?). She works hard to make sure that managers learn to truly lead, and never become the boss who allows the above to happen.

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