Have you ever wondered what to do with all the personal development information you’ve been consuming over the years? Have you had new ideas and exciting thoughts for your life…and promptly forgotten them? Have you a build-up of journals, notes from events and workplace training courses designed to make you a better version of you, sticky notes with random ideas or powerful affirmations…?

Have you ever suspected that, with the sheer amount of information you’ve consumed, life should be running a little bit more…well, impressively? Or, at least, a little more satisfactorily?

Sounds familiar? That’s OK! It happens to the best of us. In fact, it’s the very reason why this system was designed, so you might just have landed upon your lifelong solution.

Coach Davina Greene of Rocket Fuel Learning 7-Block Personal Strategy Model











So, what does MyStrategy.me give you?

  • A totally private, 24/7 online system for self-focus, self-scoring, and self-progress.
  • A value-for-money personal stock-take that would take years to discuss in a live coaching setting.
  • A 7-Step Personal Strategy Model (PSM) for you to follow, for as many years as you wish.
  • A system that can help you manage your intent and activity over time, across all areas of life.
  • Short videos and/or voice recordings with each section, to kick-start your thinking.
  • Self-determined rating scales to aid, and prove, your development over time
  • Space for summary thoughts and conclusions; the opportunity to self-rate and spot areas for growth
  • The opportunity to watch your story build over time.

A ‘living’ Coaching Workbook covering your behaviours, your desires, and your plans, MyStrategy.me can help you do a broad review of yourself and your life and begin to put plans into place. As the months and years go by, watch and measure your own personal growth. The ultimate life kick-start! And, with this newly trained ability to engage in strategic thinking and planning, you can excel in the workplace as a leader, too!

This system, in short, is a springboard to action. Well-chosen action.