• If it isn’t consistent, it isn’t a culture. Make sure you have a Coaching Habit, reminds Leadership & Performance Coach, Davina Greene. Many managers work in busy companies, in busy industries. As a manager, part of your role should be to support a cultural transformation to a Coaching Culture that [...]

  • Are we 'giving people fish' through endless instruction, or 'teaching them to fish' through continuous coaching at work, asks Leadership & Performance Coach, Davina Greene. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional [...]

  • It’s good to open the doors, but also to be ready to close them, reminds Davina Greene. Sharing is good. Ask me pretty much anything, and I’ll tell you the answer. But the thing with me is: you’ll probably have to ask. Other people will say ‘hello’ and simply […]

  • When normality is shaken, so too are productivity and performance, reminds Leadership & Performance Coach, Davina Greene. Normality is important. Workplace normality is included in that. No matter how wild or adventurous we consider ourselves to be, when a shock happens, we need something to cling to – something […]

  • How well thought-through is our dissatisfaction, if we can’t name the ‘instead’, wonders Leadership & Performance Coach, Davina Greene. “Instead” is a wonderful word – open, helpful, empowering, and most importantly directional. In the world of coaching, we talk a lot about the concept of knowing not only what […]

  • Still humming ‘The Only Way Is Up’ when thinking of your career? It’s time to change your tune, in the name of true career creativity, says Leadership & Performance Coach, Davina Greene. “Onwards and sideways” a great colleague of mine used to say, usually in moments where a great […]

  • Get there quicker with a coaching co-pilot, says Leadership & Performance Coach, Davina Greene. Coaching is about driving clients from reflection and planning through to achievement, often leading to a sense – or role – of leadership, in life or in work. Some do it better than others, which […]

  • Going entirely solo is hard, and maybe not too clever, so create your own Board of Management, suggests Davina Greene. Who do you approach for advice? Is it the best advice? Strong companies thrive on having a variety of people around the table, questioning, challenging, monitoring and supporting each […]

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