• Leadership implies accountability, not just responsibility, reminds Head of Leadership Coaching, Davina Greene. So why do both seem so difficult to find? For words used a lot across every workplace, there continues to be a haze of confusion surrounding Responsibility and Accountability – and, more importantly, a difficulty in managing [...]

  • Understanding emotions can be like navigating a maze of mirrors, suggests Leadership & Performance Coach Davina Greene.   Emotional intelligence, a term thrown around with the frequency of confetti at a celebration, yet often misunderstood and underestimated. It's a concept that's both simple and complex, akin to peeling an onion [...]

  • When thrown into chaos and not excelling in the personal wellness area, notice the positive and make the big picture smaller, offers Leadership & Performance Coach, Davina Greene. “Hi, my name is X. I come from Y. I work as Z”. How quickly we identify ourselves by our work […]

  • To what extent has shopping, or ‘retail thinking’, affected our approach to work relationships, wonders Leadership & Performance Coach, Davina Greene. People can be difficult. Even with years of coaching training and practice, I’m never going to tell you that knowledge of humans constitutes a magic wand that makes […]

  • We boast of our own flexibility, but are we just talking or truly acting, wonders Leadership & Performance Coach, Davina Greene. I’m great. I’ve read all about leadership and human traits, so I’m very flexible now – I understand people and I can adapt to pretty much every interpersonal […]

  • Zoning out, drifting along, can highlight opportunity, too, reminds Davina Greene.   “What’s your plan? Why don’t you have a plan? Oh my God, how are you going to survive without a plan?! Every part of your life should have a plan associated with it! Haven’t you heard of […]

  • Get to know you, the very soul of your being, for the real you to shine through, reminds Davina Greene. From observing your actions – how you spend your time, who you spend your time with… – would I truly know you, your soul? If I asked the people […]

  • It’s time to kick your inner critic’s ass once and for all, to alleviate doubt, suggests Leadership & Performance Coach, Davina Greene. If I lined up all the action-takers of the world in order of activity, would you be at the head of the queue or holding firm somewhere […]

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