The following are viewed as critical when choosing a Coach or Organisational Development partner. You can be assured of their presence, whether through Davina or any of her selected associates.


I have worked in the business world for many years, to Senior Management level. I myself experienced organisational change programs, implemented international Learning & Development plans, and participated in Coaching & Leadership programs as a client/employee for 10+ years, even before becoming a coach. I lecture on the topic of Leadership & Strategy due to my vast experience.

Business acumen

I have several qualifications but, much more importantly, wide-ranging experience to help me understand your priorities, challenges and drivers. My programs contain some ‘academic’ information combined with a lot of real, practical examples and one-to-one coaching. Employees who are tired of generic courses much prefer this approach, as it truly provides personalised assistance where they need it. They also enjoy the real-world feel of the discussion.

Political savvy

I have worked in some fiercely political environments, as well as managing staff through business takeovers and start-ups. This leaves me well placed to clearly understand any issues your team may be experiencing as a result of such dynamics, and provide a balanced view.

Contemporary view

I stay on top of current theory, helping both myself and your organisation stay ahead of the game. The most contemporary aspect of my approach, however, is the focus on real-world experience-sharing rather than pure academia. Real, live skill is the result.


Having started out as quite a tough junior manager, I have much experience in the development of Emotional Intelligence! I use various Psychometric Assessment tools, one of them being the ECR or Emotional Capital Report, which can assist your staff in developing such skills. Other such tools that I use, such as Leadership Style Index (LSI) and Belbin, also help stretch one’s EI skills.

Tough love

As a former Head of Operations with responsibility for making things happen, I will help any person to obtain clarity, a new skill, or whatever is required – but then, the work must begin. Action is vital. Stagnation is unacceptable.


Clients have confirmed that I am very easy to work with, and that my sessions tend to have a very energising and positive feel, moving with definite pace whilst allowing all issues to be explored.


Employees tend to put all of their creativity into the mechanics of the business, but less into their leadership skills, personal connections, or self-development. New insights and angles will be offered to enable each individual to act as a ‘whole’, applying all of their skills to all areas of their working life – and even take great skills from their personal life and find their relevance to the workplace.