Let’s Talk About…Promotion Nerves

Q: I am nervous about putting myself up for promotion to Team Manager, leading a team of ten. What can I do?

When we discuss Leadership, we often speak of it from three perspectives: above, below, and within.

‘Leadership from above’ refers to the freedoms you are given (or not) by the people above you. By getting a promotion, it implies they have faith in your basic leadership. Worry only if their instruction and interference gives you no real room to actually lead or develop.

‘Leadership from below’ refers to the willingness of a team to be led by you, and is naturally influenced by many factors. If you are competent and have treated people well so far, then you should be OK here. Your own manager will have considered this, before promoting you.

‘Leadership from within’ is most often the problem area for good, conscientious people. It refers to the permission you give yourself to lead, your own trust in yourself. Be kind! Do a SWOT of your skills and perhaps even use a psychometric assessment for terminology and measurability. Essentially, shift any worries from vague to specific as quickly as you can – then, you can create a simple strategy for improving your areas of weakness. Your manager or HR should be willing to help. Alternatively, coaching is an ideal approach to this theme.

Good luck!


This Q&A was first published in Irish Tatler magazine.

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