The services and consulting topics covered by Rocket Fuel are vast – amongst others:

Coaching, Training, Psychometrics, Mentoring, Learning & Development, Culture, Vision, Values (Design & Embedding), Talent (Acquisition, Development, Management, Retention; Succession Planning), Employee Engagement & Internal Communication, Business Process Review & Continuous Improvement, Change Management, Graduate/Management/Leadership Development

This implies that, in your organisation, someone holds responsibility for all of these, directly or indirectly Рand probably more!

With Start-Up environments as a particular area of expertise, Davina offers consultancy services to understand business needs in relation to Strategy, Learning and Organisational Development, and to guide the relevant staff through the creation of the relevant tools and structures to support those needs. Alternatively, in cases where there is rapid growth or change, or where you simply do not wish to hire further permanent HR or operational/project¬†resource, Davina can embed herself more directly with your organisation’s staff to actively project manage activities across one or several such themes.

This is a real relationship-builder between organisation and supplier, leading to highest-quality understanding, enhancement and feedback over time. To explore themes that we could work on together, please do get in touch.