MyStrategy, by Rocket Fuel Learning International Ltd., is a first-of-its-kind self-management system that refines the organisational approach to Strategy and People Development into a framework usable by growth-seeking individuals. Perfect for those who are generally interested in personal development, coaching and achievement, this system provides a framework for reflection, planning, and action.

Anyone familiar with Project Management will be aware of the formal stages of Initiation, Planning, Implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation. Here, in the MyStrategy system, the project is you.

Anyone familiar with self-improvement books, blogs, course and events will recognise the downsides:

  • lack of discipline to convert the advice/motivation into action once the book is finished or the event is over, plus
  • lack of in-depth personal reflection to enhance self-awareness before leaping into goal-setting mode, plus
  • lack of flexible platform in which to store such thinking and plans, plus
  • lack of personal ‘cheerleader’ to remind you of your plans, and – just as importantly – of your achievements to date.

This system solves that.

This is not a training course. This is a guided system which, over months or years, can help you to better define what kind of life you want, and plan the steps to get there. Most importantly, it will encourage action – you will have oversight of all areas of your life, just as a CEO maintains oversight of all departments of a business. It will allow you to zone in on any areas where you genuinely need the help of a coach, so you can focus your expenditure wisely.

The key? The questions stay the same. Only your answers change.

Interested in designing your personal strategy and building your personal story? If you are

  • over 18
  • feeling pretty good, and ready to move forward under your own supervision
  • eager to take stock, learn about yourself, and drive forward whichever areas of your life need a bit of a boost

go to MyStrategy now.