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What are we offering?

It’s All About Results is a new collaboration that combines training expertise in relation to both mind and body. The aim? To enhance individual, and therefore organisational, performance. We offer seminars and corporate in-house programs to address four areas of learning for enhanced Wellbeing: Body, Mind, Self and Colleagues.

Body It is often said that we are currently living amongst generations of humans who may never know what it is to “feel well”, ambushed by junk food, TV-watching, long working hours, disappearing hobbies, and all those other all-too-familiar complaints. Some companies offer a dietician to people who want to discuss food issues; others issue recipe and exercise newsletters, never knowing if they are being read, or gym subsidies, never knowing if they are being used. We believe that new lifestyle habits only come about through ongoing focus, through engaged information-giving and discussion.

Mind We all know that positive working relationships are a key driver of employee wellbeing. Discussions on themes of behaviour, emotion, personality and conflict permit employees to become more self-aware, allowing relationships between employees and their managers to grow more quickly and constructively, as mutual understanding grows. It is of minimal use to arm only managers with behavioural vocabulary; far more useful is to arm everyone with the vocabulary and self-knowledge to support themselves and engage more effectively across the greater workplace.

Self At the core of our beliefs is that a person can only solve a problem for themselves if they a) realise that the problem exists and b) can name it (connecting a particular feeling to a particularly lacking nutrient; understanding a difference between introversion, shyness, quietness and low confidence). This is the first step that all too many businesses skip, by assuming too much initial knowledge. Through information and discussion, it is the central issue that we wish to solve, for companies who truly wish to provide meaningful wellbeing support to their people.

Colleagues All of the information provided is relatable to other people, as to oneself. All training will drive employees towards considerate observation of the traits and needs of others.

Sample training topics:

Nutrition for performance, Lifestyle, Mindfulness, Sleep & Tiredness, Relaxation, Workplace exercise, Energy, Positive thinking, Benefits of Self-Awareness, Stress management & Resilience, Time management, Coping with change, Communication skills, Emotional Intelligence, Difficult conversations, Personal strategy, Making better choices, Trait-by-Trait behaviour & coping/management strategies (can be linked to new/existing Organisational Values or Rules of Engagement, as appropriate)

                …..just tell us your needs and we will work with you to fulfil them.

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Whatever our field of business- or health-related study, we are increasingly reminded that a “whole person” comes to work. Each “whole person” brings individual behaviours, expectations, habits, impacts, and differing levels of self-knowledge and self-care.

As a corporate community, we have become better at formally developing leaders and managers for performance, many of whom bring their new skills back to the team and use them actively.

It’s All About Results is designed to bring together expertise from Management, Leadership, Coaching and Wellness so that all employees can be educated to help themselves, for everyone’s benefit. Why? For strength, resilience, motivation, positivity and performance – and a range of other WHO-affirmed reasons. Our training program will help employees to develop a more positive and robust attitude to difficulties that may arise either inside or outside of work, leaving them emotionally strong and resilient.

[toggle_content title=”How Will It Look?”]
It will look however you would like it to look! This learning can take place on-site at your place of work or, alternatively, we can work with you to agree an off-site location (which can be highly suitable and beneficial for true, focussed personal attention and reflection on Mind and Body themes).

Such themes can be highly beneficial additions to any corporate ‘Away-Days’ being undertaken.

Some options are 1-hour, 1.5 hour, half-day or full-day sessions, for a selected group of staff  or rolled out to all staff. Seminars can be provided as one-off initiatives or as rolling programs, over months or years.

[toggle_content title=”How Will You Know If It’s Working?”]
It is, after all, about results!

We have theme-specific tools of our own, especially for Health & Nutrition, which can be used to provide both up-front and final results, where programs are undertaken. We can provide bespoke surveys focussed on Wellbeing. We are very happy to work with you to tailor your current Employee Surveys in relation to the perceived benefits and outcomes of the learning exercise, or to design surveys where such tools do not already exist within your organisation.

We can return for periodic Q&A sessions, devise competitions, and generally work alongside your HR and Business strategies to provide the assistance needed.

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We are, above all else, coaches with a passion for change and improvement. Execution is key; likewise, practicality. Our years of experience in our respective fields – and in prior employment! – leads us to hold a deep understanding of the issues employees and managers face, whilst always remembering that action, progress and results are what it’s, well….all about!

We deliver this training in a relaxed, yet upbeat and enjoyable manner that gives participants space to understand, think, and plan for action.

Olena Polyakova

Olena is an independent fitness and nutrition consultant with her own business, Fitness by Olena. She has been helping Irish clients to lose weight, get fit, eat well and improve their lifestyles for the last decade. Originally from The Ukraine, she holds a degree from the National University of Physical Education & Sport in Kiev.

After graduation, Olena became a Senior Lecturer at the University on subjects including nutrition, food and health, physical education, sport and fitness. She has lectured at many Physical Education/Health symposiums throughout Europe. She has developed fitness and nutrition programmes for Universities, Sport Clubs and Individuals, lectures frequently at Fitness Conventions across Europe and she is a member of IDEA Fitness Association, USA.

Described as being “the best possible advertisement for Total Wellbeing”, Olena’s knowledge, vast experience, boundless energy and no nonsense, direct approach continues to achieve real results for her clients. Check out her website here.

Davina Greene

Davina is a coach, trainer and consultant with her own business, Rocket Fuel. She holds qualifications in business, coaching, counselling, workplace psychology and health coaching. She lectures in ‘Leadership, Management & Strategy’ at Masters level, with particular focus on strategic Engagement and Performance.

With a background managing high-performance, often award-winning international business operations, she has vast experience of managing internal relationships and productivity in highly demanding, high-stress work environments.

She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD), the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Institute of Project Management of Ireland (IPMA). Davina is accredited to use various psychometric assessments: Belbin (team roles), Leadership Style Index (8 Leadership Traits & 4 Styles), and Emotional Capital Report (ECR; 10 traits tied to emotional intelligence).

She is a frequent speaker at networking and business events, and writes a monthly business column for Irish Tatler magazine.