[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he purpose of these Workbooks (which you print out yourself, from an emailed link) is simply to give you a taste of coaching-style thought, in general or on a specified theme. If you are unsure if you have the motivation, time or finances right now to work with a Coach, these documents will use some common tools and simple questioning to kick-start your thought processes. All of them simply require the dedication of time and honesty to yourself.


[accordion_toggle title=”Launcher Workbook 1 – Personal Exploration”]
This Workbook (26 pages) is designed to use simple questions and tools to get you thinking about your life in general, and help you decide what area(s) might need focus. Examples of items covered are Values, Behaviours, Time/Energy Allocation, Wellness, etc..  This stock-take may even lead you to develop further questions of your own. Its completion is not to be rushed!

Price: €6.50 – includes 23% VAT and PayPal charges
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[accordion_toggle title=”Launcher Workbook 2 – Personal Acceleration”]
This Workbook (25 pages) is designed to move you from the ‘thinking’ space and into the ‘acting’ space. Purpose, Strengths, Change, and Goal-definition are amongst the inclusions. Here’s where you start to take responsibility for moving yourself forward.

Price: €6.50 – includes 23% VAT and PayPal charges
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[accordion_toggle title=”1-Month Diet & Movement Diary”]
We all know the basic theory behind sensible eating and exercise. But have you ever stopped to consider your own actions in this area over a period of time? This diary (40 pages) is designed to facilitate an overview of your dietary and movement/exercise activities each day for 1 month. Keep it in the kitchen, by the bed, or wherever is convenient for you. Jot down honest information each day. You don’t need to count calories or anything – this is not a scientific analysis! This is simply an awareness exercise, with weekly and end-of-month review of actions and space for committing to change.

Price: €5.50 – includes 23% VAT and PayPal charges
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