Business Strategy Coaching

See & learn the story of your business, to better tell it.

Are you a business owner or leader who would benefit from having full visibility of the “As Is” and “To Be” of your organisation, across all activities and functions – whether you work alone or with others? Are you currently without a core strategic document that guides you through each year, and into the next? Perhaps you have a muddled head full of ideas, but your administrative and organisational skills aren’t what they could be. Or maybe you’re not communicating your aims very well to your team (or to yourself!). Or perhaps you’ve stopped having ideas at all. Regardless of the reason, if you’ve decided you’re ready to commit to work towards clarity, read on…

Might 15 hours of coaching (including a 7-hour kick-off day at your premises, and at least one other 3-hour session) spread across 12 months help you to keep your eye on the ball and stay on top of your business’ development? And to reclaim some time for yourself? If yes, get in touch!

***Only 1 new client will be accepted, per month, due to this highly reduced hourly rate, aiming to help smaller businesses get focused and organised.***

Launching in 2018, a brand new programme, “OurStrategy” will help you to build your business’ core Strategic Summary Document, which can provide guidance and focus for you, and your team, for years to come. Get to know yourself and your business even better than you do already, and take back control. For some of the coaching sessions, we may even agree it’s appropriate for you to bring someone else from your business into the sessions, depending on the topic and its handling within your business.

Don’t wait: get in touch today.