You might be a HR, Learning, OD Manager, or even an MD or CEO, seeking to

– provide combined People and Operational expertise to your business on a flexible, outsourced basis (due to reasons of business age, size, or unpredictability)
– provide training on Management and Leadership, and a wide variety of related topics, to employees with potential
– provide coaching to employees, to enhance learning, increase self-awareness and embed training knowledge
– introduce psychometrics as a tool within your business, for enhanced understanding
– instil genuine People and Coaching Skills for day-to-day management of your organisation, most beneficially in a Start Up environment
– understand current staff perceptions of Management Quality and Authenticity
– review Knowledge, Skill and Competency availability (and gaps)
– assist one person, or several people, in transitioning into a new role
– gear up for, and project manage, a period of Change
– review training needs, tools and delivery methods across your organisation
– review your Talent availability, from definition and sourcing through to development and retention
– review, and perhaps re-set, your organisational Vision & Culture
– introduce, review or enhance Performance Management processes
– enhance relationships within your business through work on Communication
– engage your workforce with your Strategy, achieving goals faster, with less “push and pull” between Management and employees
– enhance alignment of People, Processes and Systems with Strategy and Goals, through a project-managed combination of several of the above
– find an interim manager for People Operations or Business Operations engagement

All of this can be covered by Rocket Fuel, via Davina and, where relevant, select associates.

It can be extremely beneficial to have a reliable external resource who can get to know your organisation and its staff over time for the purposes of building progressive relationships, but who is also detached enough to be able to provide strong, educated feedback in relation to progress, change, attitudes and issues. Davina’s combined People and Operational experience can accelerate and support such joined-up thinking in your organisation.


Please note that details of individual Coaching conversations within organisations are confidential – neither content nor sources will be reported back to Management/HR by any professional coach. Important themes and general, organisation-level comment can, however, be furnished.